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Aftercare for Your Acupuncture Treatment

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Post Treatment

You may feel relaxed, a bit tired, or euphoric for the rest of the day. Please take it easy on yourself and listen to your body’s needs. Take a nap, eat whole foods, drink plenty of water, and enjoy that Zen feeling.

If you and Dr. Nicky, DACM, discussed nutritional or dietary changes, please start them tomorrow morning.


When Should I Notice a Difference?

Response rates vary from person to person. Many patients notice subtle changes after the first few treatments. Significant changes take time as your tailored treatment plan progresses. Healing is not linear; ups and downs are expected and normal to experience. Staying positive and sticking to your treatment plan is key to any healing program.


How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Think of your acupuncture treatment plan as a new workout routine: it doesn’t take one day of exercise to shed 20 pounds and tone your body instantly. Acupuncture is “dose specific,” meaning it will require treatments that are spaced closer together when starting. In the beginning, a larger dose of acupuncture jumpstarts the healing process. Consistency is the key to health with acupuncture. Coming in regularly creates healing and results within the body.


How Can I Make Sure I Get the Best Results?

A healthy lifestyle and good habits can make all the difference in the success of your healing process. Eat well, get good sleep, be physically active (when safe), and find ways to reduce stress. Your health depends on the care and attention you give it daily.

If you get treatments but continue to live in a way that brought you to acupuncture in the first place, you most likely, at some point, will be back where you started.

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