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Fertility Acupuncture

Optimize your Fertility:

For Couples and Individuals 

Family Expansion

Fertility Acupuncture is for individuals and couples whose goal is to optimize their fertility journey. 


Dr. Nicky has over a decade of experience in all types of family expansion: Natural, IUI, IVF, FET, donor fertility (egg/sperm), surrogates, medication-assisted (Clomid, etc.), and other types of fertility. 

Pregnancy Test
Hands in the Soil

Start NOW

Fertility planning starts early. We want to prepare the body ahead of time by taking good care of our health. Eating well, getting good quality sleep, keeping stress low, and getting acupuncture prepares the body to nurture future life. 

Best results start with acupuncture before trying to get pregnant.


Dr. Nicky has worked with people at all stages of their fertility journey. Starting NOW is always the right time. Schedule a fertility consultation to learn how acupuncture can help.


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